Wild Huts

Designed and handcrafted in the heart of the Cotswolds

About Us​

Sustainable, beautiful and built to last

Wild Huts specialises in providing you with an exceptional addition to your home or farm. Our huts are customised, built to last for decades and require minimal maintenance. Made with natural materials, they age gracefully, like a fine wine, and seamlessly blend into your landscape.

The unique combination of skilled, artisan craftsman with state-of-the-art engineering design means that our huts have an extremely low lifetime carbon footprint. The impact on the environment is considered in every aspect of the build, from the sustainably-sourced cedar from the Welsh mountains and stunning upcycled Victorian floorboards to the use of the famous Cotswold sheep’s wool for unparalleled insulation.

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Huts for Both Private or Commercial Use

Each of our huts is built to specification, and this is no different whether the intended use is private or commercial. Many clients are simply building an escape at the bottom of their garden, while others are looking to create a rental offering.

Whatever your intention, we can provide a design to suit the brief. For those looking for a private-use hut, we recommend starting by checking out our process. Whereas commercial clients may be more interested in what additional services we can offer.

Our Work​

Huts Made to Order

Our award-winning and experienced design team will work with you to create your dream hut. All of our clients are unique and the range of uses extends from significantly boosting the farm or home income stream by providing unique stays to a tiny off-grid home/office for students, parents or grandparents. Our hut builds can take as little as five weeks to complete, depending on the complexity. We will advise on lead time as part of the consultation process.

Hand-crafted in the Cotswolds

Each hut is lovingly built on our site at Long Newnton, in the heart of the Cotswolds. Our experienced design team construct each one by hand, meaning every hut is unique.

Built for You

All of our huts are designed to a brief and customised to your requirements. This includes assessing any delivery challenges that we may encounter.

High-Quality Finishes

Don’t let the word “hut” mislead you; all of our creations are beautifully finished, using high-quality fittings. And of course, if you’d like more of a rustic feel then we can also cater to this.

Stay in a Hut

A number of our clients have commissioned huts as rental properties that are now available to stay in. There’s no better way to try out one of our huts than to spend a night there, especially when that includes a relaxing soak in the adjacent hot tub. Browse through the possibilities on our dedicated page.

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