How much can I expect a shepherd’s hut to cost?

Every hut is unique, so we will always quote based on your specifications. However, you can expect our simplest constructions to start from £20,000 before delivery and installation, which varies depending on the desired location. At the other end of the spectrum, our fully kitted-out and largest self-contained luxury huts usually start at around £75,000. Other designs will fall somewhere between the two. Please get in touch for a better idea of what your dream hut might cost.

Do you have any ready-made shepherd’s huts for sale?

Currently, yes! If you are looking for a ready-made shepherd’s hut please enquire for details on what we have currently available.

What is the total lead time for a shepherd’s hut?

It is very much dependent on what builds we have throughout the year but typically lead time is around four months and build time for your hut is around six weeks. We will make you aware of the lead time during your consultation and we will of course keep you updated throughout the process.

What maintenance does the shepherd’s hut need?

Each of our huts is built from scratch by a team of expert craftsmen, all of whom have years of carpentry, building and decorating experience. All our huts are built from locally sourced materials and we construct them with the same approach as you would build a house with plenty of insulation and using only quality products. This results in customers having less maintenance to worry about over the next 10 years. Our huts will never be the cheapest option, but we believe this initial investment pays itself back through fewer repairs and they are very efficient to run.

Do I need planning permission?

It will be exempt from planning permission if your hut is sited in the garden of your residential property, and you intend to use it as an addition to the house as a personal outdoor living space. If you intend on setting up your own glamping business you will require planning permission, and our team at Wild Huts can certainly help in this area.  

Are shepherd’s huts warm?

Our huts are designed to be used throughout the year. We use the famous Cotswold sheep’s wool for unparalleled insulation. This means you’ll be warm and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. With a wood-burning stove, the hut gets warm very quickly so our clients look forward to being snowed in!

Is the wood-burning stove a risk?

When appropriately installed by a skilled professional, and maintaining proper clearance from flammable surfaces, a shepherd’s hut stove can be used safely. It’s essential to ensure sufficient ventilation, a non-combustible hearth, and the presence of a carbon monoxide detector. We are HETAS accredited so can provide you with the comfort of knowing it is a safe installation.

Do you use local materials and suppliers?

We are proud to use materials and suppliers near our Wild Huts HQ. From the sustainably sourced cedar from the Welsh mountains and stunning upcycled Victorian floorboards to the use of the famous Cotswold sheep’s wool for our hut insulations. 

Can you help design the interior of my shepherd’s hut?

We certainly can! All our huts are finished to a high standard, with quality fittings and paint. But if you’re looking for a hut that is ready to live in, styled professionally and in keeping with an agreed-upon theme, we can also help. From soft furnishings to little flourishes, we can take care of every aspect – of course, in consultation with you. Having meticulously styled the popular shepherd’s huts at Wild Carrot, we have plenty of experience to draw on and take pride in delivering a unique hut.

Can you help me landscape the area around my shepherd’s hut?

Siting your hut is a key part of the process and we can help with this by providing a landscaping service in addition to simply delivering the hut. This means that your hut can be integrated into the existing style of your garden. Or, if you prefer, we can cultivate a wilder, meadow-like feel. As with all parts of the process, we’ll discuss what best suits your needs and also factor in any feasibility constraints.

Can I move my shepherd’s hut if I decide to change location in the future?

You can certainly move your shepherd’s hut in the future – that’s the beauty of having your own hut, which conveniently will be on wheels! This is a great advantage over an extension or conversion of an existing outbuilding, as you can take it with you if you move or relocate to another location for a change of view!

I’d like to have a shepherd’s built to rent out. Can you help me set up my own glamping business?

Given our own experience in the glamping industry (formerly Wild Carrot), we are now able to offer full consultancy services too. From consultancy on the set-up and build of the site to identifying the proposition and marketing, as well as insight into booking platforms and even how to create an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral stay for guests. Our team has all the insight and experience to help other businesses grow.

How much can I expect to make from my glamping business?

We have created a calculator – LINK HERE – to help you forecast your return on investment based on your hut purchase price, occupancy rate and running costs. As always our Wild Huts team can consult on all areas for your glamping business. 

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