The Process​

How the Process Works

Every hut begins with a conversation. We need to understand what your aims are and come up with a plan to achieve these, delivering a hut that meets your needs. Whether this is a phone call or an in-person meeting, we always begin by understanding your brief.

On top of this, assessing what is practical is fundamental to the design process. We will carry out an initial site visit before we start any discussions to ensure that we can build, deliver and site your hut in the location you want.

We can also provide a landscaping service and can create a design that is in keeping with your existing landscaping. It may also be that building on site is more practical in some cases; we are able to do this or even combine partial pre-fabrication with on-site construction.

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Drop us an email or fill in the enquiry form, letting us know what you are looking for. One of our team will get back in touch to begin the conversation around designing your hut.


This is when we take the time to fully understand what you are looking for and how best we can deliver the hut you want. We’re happy to meet you in person and a site visit to explore the logistical challenges of delivering and positioning the hut is a key step before discussions progress.


Once we understand the brief and have highlighted any necessary constraints, the design process begins. Our team will draw up detailed designs for your hut, including everything from fittings to paint colours. No work begins until you are happy with what has been proposed (and the cost involved) as this is a collaborative process.


With the designs finalised, construction can begin. Typically, a hut takes around five weeks to complete and is built at our Long Newnton site in the Cotswolds. However, these timings obviously vary from hut to hut and can depend how many huts we are currently working on. We will advise on lead time for your hut during the consultation phase.


Once the hut is fully constructed and finished to the high standard that we expect of all our huts, we will deliver it to your site.


Now, you can relax and make the most of having your own shepherd’s hut. Thanks to the high-quality materials and robust construction methods that we employ, you can enjoy your hut for years.

Add a Hot Tub

Treat yourself to a wood-fired tub built from cedar to accompany our hut. These beautiful hot tubs are best enjoyed under a star-dappled wintery sky, when their warmth cocoons you and tendrils of steam hang in the frozen night air.

The use of western red cedar means that these tubs are very resistant to warping, cracking or rotting and can last up to 25 years. The high thermal coefficient of the wood and its natural antibacterial properties mean it also stays warm for longer and needs cleaning less frequently than alternatives.

We have several of these hot tubs available for delivery currently, at a cost of £7,500 plus VAT. Contact us for more details.

Paint Choices

All of our huts have the interior walls painted. Below are a selection of our favourite paint choices. Click on the circles to preview the paint on one of our previous huts.

Olive Green

London Clay

Charleston Grey

Oxford Stone

Jack Black

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